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2 hours 20 minutes

Tape In Hair Extensions

  • Description: Small wefts of hair that use medical grade adhesive to stick together with a veil of natural hair between the wefts. Tapes are ideal for all hair types, and can provide a lot of density quick. The hair is reusable for 6-8 months. Lengths available: 14-24 inches

  • *Starting price includes hair, install, blending haircut and style*

  • Fullness: $415+

  • Length: $945+

  • Maintenance 4-8 weeks: $125-325 for reapplication

  • 150-200 grams need for full head
    +The amount of grams needed will vary based upon your head size, your natural hair length & density, the desired fullness & length of the extensions selected.


Tape In Method

For this method the extensions are typically about an inch wide and a top and bottom piece are taped together at the root with a clients own hair in between, creating a ‘sandwich’. This method is good for clients that typically wear their hair down most of the time, because pulling it up can be challenging without exposing the extensions. This method is great for fine hair as variations can be made using smaller pieces or even using only a top piece with single sided tape underneath. Keep in mind that for clients with fine, blonde hair they can be more noticeable than with someone with fine, dark hair.  This method is also great for medium and thick hair. Maintenance must be done on average of every 8 weeks where we will remove the extensions, add new tape to each piece and reapply them. Hair is reusable for at least 2 more times after initial application.

We Know That You Have Questions About Tape Ins

  • How much does it cost to get tape in extensions?

  • Will you be able to see the tape ins?

  • Can I put tape in extensions up in a ponytail?

  • What kind of tape is used?

  • Will my fall out with tape ins?

  • Can I get tape ins wet?

  • Where do I begin?

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